November 22, 2011

Top Ten Authors I Want At My Thanksgiving Dinner

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is
Top 10 Authors I Want At My Thanksgiving Dinner

Well, although in Slovenia we don't celebrate Thanksgiving like Americans do, I've always loved this American tradition. In movies, it was always so so funny to watch :D 

1. Richelle Mead
Well well, of course if you went trough my blog just a bit you definitely know that I love Richelle and her books from the deep of my heart. I would probably die to meet her. I would like to thank her for making me remember me who I really was(still am). I could never thank her enough for that. So definitely Richelle would be invited to my dinner ;)

2. Cassandra Clare
Ohh I would love to hear more about.. Jace, Jace, Jace ♥. There will never be enough Jace in my life I guess :P And the tattoo stuff and all the paranormal characters in just one story.. Awesome!

3. Julie Kagawa
Ohh I would love to meet Julie!! The way she made the character of Ash is just incredible. And also how she made up the name Meghan Chase :P I love these books so so much!

4. Cynthia Hand 
After reading Unearthly.. Ohh yes totally yes!! I love her writing! I am dying to read Hallowed!! Her writing is so.. ahh you can't stop reading ;)

5. Sophie Jordan
Ohh yeah! Although I think sometimes Jacinda was a bit.. huh self-destructive, I loved her writing. And always Will, ohh Will :P And I want to know how she came up with the names Jacinda and Tamra!!

6. Elizabeth Gilbert 
Well, even if I haven't finished the book Eat, pray, love (my sister is reading it right now) I loved her writing. The chapters from Rome were so REAL. People while reading it can understand what depression is like, and that is not just a feeling of being sad and stuff like that. It so so real. I loved it. Ohh and also the India part with meditation! - I've had an experience with the therapy with the gong, and I can definitely say, Elizabeth now I understand how amazing meditation is! It was one of the best experiences in my life so far! And I would love to discuss it with her.

7.  Dan Brown
Although people said his writing is bullshit and stuff like that, oh God how much I enjoyed his books! They were so so interesting and great and they felt so real. I would love to hear how he came up with something like DaVinci's Code and Angels and Demons because you can say whatever you want,  but THESE books were AMAZING! ;)

8. Suzanne Collins
Totally yes! I would love to hear how she came up with the idea of the hunger games. I mean in the society today (if we leave out the really poor countries like the ones in Africa) people really don't think about hunger much. In the society of capitalism, we really don't feel like we are hungry, not at all. We actually have problems of eating too much. So that's why the idea of the hunger games was so fascinating to me.

9. Gayle Forman
I would love to meet her! The way she describes all the feeling of Adam in Where She Went, was just amazing. You could actually feel what he was feeling. I was so sad while reading this book. I loved it. The writing was perfect!

10. Stephenie Meyer
Well yeah, although people have different feelings and thoughts toward the Twilight books, I must say I loved them. So much. I've been re-reading them for a year when they came out. I would like to thank her, for discovering my love of English, and for getting me and my mum a chance to get along really well. We have now a relationship I would have never dream of before Twilight. So yeah I am really grateful for that!

So this is my top 10 for this Tuesday. It's funny, I've thought I wouldn't get to number 10 :P And I did! I think this would have made a really interesting dinner :P Too bad it's left just to my imagination :/
So, what author would you like to have to your Thanksgiving dinner?


primrose said...

What would we say to Suzanne Collins? I'm sure I'll turn into this freaking fangirl if I ever meet her in person. :)

nea barabea said...

haha totally :D me too for sure ;) She really is a genius for writing such an amazing story! :)

Anonymous said...

Some interesting choices there. :)
Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

bookgoonie said...

Awesome list of authors. Brown may be full of shit, but that it is why it is in the fiction section. ;)

Amy @

Christin said...

I love your list! I considered so many of these authors as well. Sophie Jordan and Cassie Clare are great to talk to.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Nikki said...

Instead of inviting the authors, how about the characters instead! Excuse me Jace, please pass the cranberries. Dimitry, how is the goulash? I made it just for you! Gale, are you getting enough to eat? Please have seconds.

Great list!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!


Celine said...

I love the whole list! And yay, I found Meyer in your list too! Thanks for stopping by!

Asheley (@BookwormAsheley) said...

Great guest list!

I just checked out Unearthly from the library and am really excited to read it - I've heard/read such wonderful things about it!

Kate @ Kate's Book Life said...

I nearly picked Suzanne Collins!

Angie @ Beneath the Jacket said...

Awesome choices! I love reading everyone's lists because it gives me a view into what people's reading tastes are. :)

Erica said...

Julie Kagawa! She was on my list too :)

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