December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Well, well all my friends bloggers I wish you..
So.. tomorrow me and my family will have a big fat lunch together to celebrate Christmas!! I can already tell you that the food will be amazing! Can't wait for it :)

Last 24th of December I finally got my hold on Last Sacrifice - which I was waiting since September last year. So you can probably imagine my excitement about having the book in my hands!! This year it was quite the same, almost ;) I've got a hold on Bloodlines!! FINALLY! I've been waiting for this book since, well, since last December lol. My excitement wasn't so huge as it was for Last Sacrifice - but still it was quite big! So I started it. And I am more than half through it!! I must admit it, that I like it a lot! When I've "seen" Rose in the first few chapters my heart literally stopped beating and then raced like wooow. God how much I missed Rose!! I still do though. 

"The name came out as a question from my lips, even though there could be no doubt about who this newcomer was. There was only one Rose Hathaway, after all."

It was a pretty awesome day!

So I hope you guys have an awesome Christmas day! With lots of good food, happy music around, and surrounded with great people you love!


Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

Last Sacrifice broke my heart. I felt sooo bad for my love Adrian. Hope you enjoy the books! Merry Christmas!

Mimi Valentine said...

AWWW, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, NEA!!! :) <3 My family always celebrates ours on Christmas Eve, so today is our day of just hanging out together as a family. But LOL that's so cool how Richelle Mead is always a part of your Christmas! I LOVED Bloodlines, and I really hope you do too! I'll definitely read your review!

Have an AMAZING Christmas, Nea!! I sort of, kind of love you. :) <3

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