January 31, 2012

Top Ten Books I Would Love To Discuss About

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic is freely cloose :) So I've chosen one I've been dying to do since forever! And int topic is Top 10 Books That Would Make Great Book Club Picks, but I am in no BookClub so really. I mean I am in one at GoodReads, but I've been there one month now, and it's a little too soon to say that I have an experience :P So insted I choose Top 10 Books I Would Have Loved To Discuss About Immediately After Reading Them.

1. Clockwork Prince
*SPOILER warning!* Good God, I've been reading this book the whole night and at 11AM I was like "What?! Engaged to Jem?!" "Oh, must be the lack of sleep." No shit. Wasn't the lack of sleep!! I've been twitting about my frustration, but I so so wanted someone to complain to about it. I was so unhappy and sad and angry and ah.

2. The Hunger Games
This book was so heartbreaking and full of suspense and oh, I loved it. I was so scared for Katniss while reading. And the story has such a greater meaning and I really wanted to talk about it with someone.

3. The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer
This book was so good. As an almost psychologist I was really interested in Mara's post traumatic stress disorder and everything! I loved it! But the last 100 pages were so confusing, I wanted to talk to someone, to see if I understood right or not.

4. City of Bones
Bloody Hell, brother and sister?! WHAT?! No. No, this can't be happening. Agrrr. I really wanted someone would have reassure me, that everything's gonna be allright. Well, Anna from AnnaReads did :)

5. Last Sacrifice
The end of my favourite serie ever? Oh yeah, I wanted to talk about it! I talked to my Mum, when she finished reading it too.

6. Divergent
Oh oh. This book was so so good, I wanted to tell the whole world just how good it is! Well, I kind of did, I wrote my first review ever! :P

7. Obsidian
Well, find me one person on the planet who doesn't want to talk about DAEMON?! Impossible :P And the story is so so good and awesome and great and I could discuss this book till death!

8. Anna and the French Kiss
This book was just adorable! And my favourite Contemporary :) I've bought it to my friend for Christmas, and she read it and loved it! So hopefully we will discuss it soon, when we see each other :)

9. Bloodlines
Well, what should I say? I wanted more Rose in the book. And the whole mystery in the story and the ending. Yes, I wanted to talk about it. I did it with Mum :)

10. Eclipse
Bloody Hell, you should have seen me while I was reading this book! I was in a bar drinking coffee and reading with my phone turned off, because I didn't want anyone to interrupt me. But that whole Jacob thing got me so irritated, I wanted to slap him in the face. I went home to my Mum. We discussed about it and then she told me to go read more and that everything's gonna be allright. I did. And it did go allright :)

So, which books were you dying to discuss with someone? :)

PS. Thanks Sam, I totally forgot about spoilers :P


Sam said...

Great picks! Some of my favorite books are up there. Divergent, Clockwork Prince and The Hunger Games are three I could go on and on about. (You should probably put a spoiler warning for Clockwork Prince in case someone hasn't read it yet!) :D

Sam @ Realm of Ficton

Anonymous said...

I loved Obsidian and am anxious for Onyx. Interesting list! Thanks for the suggestions.

-FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews
My Top Ten...

Ksexton2990 said...

Love your list! I been dying to read Obsidian!!

Kayla@ http://kaylas-books.blogspot.com/

Jen said...

Yay Anna! And Divergent! And THG! And Mara!

Ohhhh, great list. Those are the only ones I've read that you listed, but I definitely agree!

bookgoonie said...

Clockwork Prince has tons to talk about. Good choice.

Nikki said...

Jeeps, these are some great books on your list! Too bad you live so far away ,otherwise I would say we need to start a book club stat!

~Nikki (Imaginative Adventure)

Hollie said...

Great list! I could definitely talk about Clockwork Prince for ages!

Willa said...

The Clockwork Prince sounds pretty cool!! I am so giving it a try!

Kary said...

New follower! Awesome list! Completely agree with Divergent - it was pure awesomeness! Here is my list if you'd like to follow back: http://theonceandfuturelibrarian.blogspot.com/2012/01/top-ten-tuesday-book-club-selections.html

Jennifer said...

This is a great list! Hunger Games is definitely a popular choice! I loved Divergent and Anna & the French Kiss as well and they would cause some interesting discussions. Thanks for visiting!

Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

The Lovely Getaway said...

""What?! Engaged to Jem?!" "Oh, must be the lack of sleep." No shit. Wasn't the lack of sleep!!"....

hahahhaaaaaaaaa!!! i felt the exact same way!

Susanne said...

Nice list! Divergent was such a great book. I also felt like slapping Jacob when I read Eclipse. I haven't read anything by Cassandra Clare, but her books sound really good. Thanks for stopping by!

Hazel said...

The Hunger Games. I'm here. Tell me ;)

nea barabea said...

Well, it's like.. In these days we don't pay much attention about the hunger. Because in the sistem of capitalism, we don't need to. The food is easy to get. I was never hungry in my life because I haven't have food (well, except when I was on diet, but that's different). Today we take everything for granted and that's the problem. This book open your eyes for that. And also, today everyone want's to be slim and thin because the fucking magazines and fashion says girls need to be thin to be beautiful -> this is such a bullshit. The values are totally lost these days and that sucks. So, I really liked The Hunger Games because there, there is nothing that can be taken for granted. And it talks about values, that most of us have totally forgot.

I hope it makes sense what I wanted to say :)

Patricia said...

Do we want to discuss Clockwork Prince? Because I seriously felt very frustrated about the book, though probably for other reasons. I love Jem, but I think the book was.. bah. He lost his charme, and the whole situation felt like just a way to ensure that there was enough conflict for another book. -_-' MHE!!! I think this book's review was one of my longest, because I literally tore it apart. XD

nea barabea said...

Really Patricia? Wow. I thought it was one of the best books ever written :P Seriously. It was hilarious - the scenes with Magnus were AMAZING. I was laughing till I was crying :D Jem, well yes, but we must remember that he didn't know Will was in love with Tessa and vice versa. If he would have known, well, then the situation would be different. And Tessa, well, she was a tipical girl. If the one, who I want, doesn't want me back, well then I will pick the one who really wants me, even if I don't want him the way I want the other. Or something like that. :P But I think the book was good, because we can see what Will really is like. In book one I thought he was a jerk (I loved him anyway) but still, in book two I could feel why he acted like that.

Uh, did I make sense Patricia? :P

Patricia said...

I agree about Will. I think he became a much more likeable character in this installment. And I think he did, because Jem's charme went over to him.. I'll quote myself here. It's easier:

> I am Team Jem. Or I’ve been and I still think I am, but Clare man­aged to strip away all that was amaz­ing about him and hand it over to Will. The first 10–15 chap­ters were amaz­ing. We’ve had great Jem action, but then he and Tessa were offi­cial (except that no one except them knew, but you know what I mean, they were a cou­ple and later even engaged!) he lost his charme. I think many of us liked him because he has a sad his­tory and a very short lifes­pan. He’s a tragedy, he is the typ­i­cal Asian lovestory, where in the end some­thing hor­ri­ble hap­pens and every­one dies except one per­son who will for­ever mourn them.

> Jem is actu­ally a very inter­est­ing char­ac­ter with the poten­tial to be more than just that. The prob­lem here is, that imo he calls to our inner moth­ers. He’s frag­ile, he’s sup­posed to die, he has no fam­ily, he is lonely, he is friendly and kind and it makes him very love­able. And did I men­tion how he became less com­plex as soon as he proposed?

Yet Tessa is more attracted, at least in the begin­ning, to Will. Then, though, Jem and Tessa do have some seri­ous action going on, though. They kiss, they touch, they fall into bed with eachother and I think they would at least have had some seri­ous pet­ting going on if it weren’t for the drugs that sud­denly fell off some­thing and were all around his place, which was why Tessa had to leave. In this scene she’s think­ing this:

"Her fin­gers wound tightly in his shirt, Tessa drew Jem down onto her, tak­ing the weight of him onto her body with the feeilng that she was being given back some­thing that had belonged to her for­ever, a bit of her that she had missed with­out know­ing that she was miss­ing it."

>I think this scene implies a sort of bond that is more intense than what she’s expe­ri­enc­ing with Will despite all the tin­gling and kiss­ing she has going on with him. In the begin­ning I really hoped so, but it wasn’t about Jem, but what he stood for. About a hope­less sit­u­a­tion and a tragedy. This role now falls onto Will. I had hoped that Will and Tessa would be eachothers con­fi­dantes, with him rebuild­ing the rela­tion­ship to his fam­ily and her find­ing out her family’s secrets, being sin­gle or in love with Jem. Now I’m not so sure anymore.

>And despite the scene where she and Jem make out, she was later able to also kiss and make out with Will.


I don't like Tessa, and I think her relationship with Jem is just BLAH. I love Jem, but this is unfair. -_-'

And Magnus was sooooo coool, I absolutely agree! The whole halluciantion scene cracked me up. XD

So.. I NOW like Will, and I don't dislike anyone except Tessa, but.. It just felt too constructed.

Does THAT make sense? XD

nea barabea said...

Yes you do :P

But I tought Tessa's quote:
"Her fin­gers wound tightly in his shirt, Tessa drew Jem down onto her, tak­ing the weight of him onto her body with the feeilng that she was being given back some­thing that had belonged to her for­ever, a bit of her that she had missed with­out know­ing that she was miss­ing it."

Was meant about sex and closeness, not Jem. At least that was what I tought, now I am not so sure anymore.

I've always tought about Jem like a brother, not a lover. He is just too good. I have a thing for bad guys :P

Well, I must admit, that it's difficult for me to relate to Tessa, ..I've never been so attracted to two guys at the same time. She loves them both. So, really, for me wasn't that surprising that she kissed Will after she got engaged with Jem. It wasn't right, but in love right isn't always right.

But then again, fuck, it's Will we are talking about :D Who wouldn't kiss him back? :P

And also.. the kissing scene in the terrace. I mean, Magnus told them that the lemonade just cancel all the restrictions someone feels, yet Tessa tought the kiss happended because they were drugged. What the hell?! Mahhh. So confusing, yet it was so fucking simple that he loves her.

And also. All the Jem proposing and Tessa accepting - in the conversation with Will after the kissing scene - it looks like she accepted because of pity, because Jem was dying and she wanted to do something good for him before he dies. She does love him, I just thing it's a different type of love - not the one to get married to someone.

AH. Did I make sense? lol :D XD

Patricia said...

ROFL yes, you did. Hm, I think I simply had problems with the book because it all felt too false. It's the authors job to play with our emotions, but it shouldn't be that obvious. And I think doing something out of pity is one of the biggest insults ever. Mhe. So, yeah, big issues with Tessa and since the book is about her.. XD

And another problem was that both Nephilim series are very much like the FF Clare wrote years ago.. I don't know. It sort of ruined her writing for me a little. ;(

Not that I won't read the next installment. I will. Ha. Addicted.

nea barabea said...

Well, but maybe it's wasn't pity - it's just what I think :P It may be because I still have my hopes for Will <3 <3 hihi :P

FF serie?? What are you talking about?? TELL ME MORE!! :) :P

Yeah, I am addicted to Mrs. Clare books too :P And I love it :D :D

Carina Olsen said...

This is a great list ;) And I agree with so many of them :D Every book needs to get talked about (A) <3 I hated Clockwork Prince. Just to be honest (A) I hated everything that had with Jem :p I only love Will ;p
Thank you for commenting on my Top Ten. <3
Love, Carina @ Carina's Books

Patricia said...

Her Harry Potter Fan Fiction about Draco and the others. It was actually quite good, but it tainted her other books. (Do you want me to send them to you? I have them somewhere.. They can also be found on-line, but sometimes they are off, because the website hosting them doesn't have enough bandwidth or sth.)

I have to admit that my Will-like grew in Clockwork Prince and that, if a few things had been different, I would have liked it MUCH more. *g*

And yeah, maybe it wasn't. I just don't like her very much, so whether it was pity or something else.. It's a irrational dislike. I wonder if she reminds me of someone and I just can't recall of whom. ROFL

nea barabea said...

YES, please :)

But I haven't read Harry Potter :/ Do you think I'll understand it anyway? :)

My email is: lizzika@gmail.com

Aaaa so excited!! :D :D

Patricia said...

Sent. : )

Sara said...

Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Mara Dyer, and the Infernal Devices are great! I just finished Clockwork Angel today (my first Cassandra Clare book!) and am still in awe!

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