March 21, 2012

My Book Boyfriend #10: Étienne St. Clair

Boys in books are just better. Right? Well, let's put them to the test. 

My Book Boyfriend is hosted by Missie at The Unread Reader, and it's a weekly meme in which you choose a fictional boy that makes your heart all gooey and write up a post for him. For more information, check out the introduction post. For sign ups and Missie's choice this week click here.

Étienne St. Clair
This guy is just adorable!! He is sweet, a good friend, hot, amazing. And he has some issues, but hell, that makes him even more real.

“Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?”  

Let's see why :)
I try to say this casually, but I’m so thrilled that I skip from her room and promptly slam into a wall.
Whoops. Not a wall. A boy.
“Oof.” He staggers backward.
“Sorry! I’m so sorry, I didn’t know you were there.” He shakes his head, a little dazed. The first thing I notice is his hair—it’s the first thing I notice about everyone. It’s dark brown and messy and somehow both long and short at the same time. I think of the Beatles, since I’ve just seen them in Meredith’s room. It’s artist hair. Musician hair. I-pretend-I-don’t-care-but-I-really-do hair.
Beautiful hair.
“It’s okay, I didn’t see you either. Are you allright, then?” Oh my. He’s English.
“Er. Does Mer live here?”
Seriously, I don’t know any American girl who can resist an English accent.
The boy clears his throat. “Meredith Chevalier? Tall girl? Big, curly hair?” 
Then he looks at me like I’m crazy or half deaf, like my Nanna Oliphant. Nanna just smiles and shakes her head whenever I ask, “What kind of salad dressing would you like?” or “Where did you put Granddad’s false teeth?”
“I’m sorry.” He takes the smallest step away from me. “You were going to bed.”
“Yes! Meredith lives there. I’ve just spent two hours with her.” I announce this proudly like my brother, Seany, whenever he finds something disgusting in the yard. “I’m Anna! I’m new here!” Oh God. What. Is with. The scary enthusiasm? My cheeks catch fire, and it’s all so humiliating.
The beautiful boy gives an amused grin. His teeth are lovely—straight on top and crooked on the bottom, with a touch of overbite. I’m a sucker for smiles like this, due to my own lack of orthodontia. I have a gap between my front teeth the size of a raisin.
“Étienne,” he says. “I live one floor up.”
“I live here.” I point dumbly at my room while my mind whirs: French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused.
“Har. Bloody. Har." 
He smiles. "Oh, I see. Known me less than a day and teasing me about my accent. What's next? Care to discuss the state of my hair? My height? My trousers?" 
Trousers. Honestly.”  

“Most people in Atlanta don't have an accent. It's pretty urban. A lot of people speak gangsta, though," I add jokingly. 
"Fo' shiz," he replies in his polite English accent. 
I spurt orangey-red soup across the table. St. Clair gives a surprised ha-HA kind of laugh, and I'm laughing too, the painful kind like abdominal crunches. He hands me a napkin to wipe my chin. "Fo'. Shiz." He repeats it solemnly. 
Cough cough. "Please don't ever stop saying that. It's too-" I gasp. "Much." 
"You oughtn't to have said that. Now I shall have to save it for special occasions." 
"My birthday is in February." Cough choke wheeze. "Please don't forget.”  
“I'm sorry," he says. 
"What? Why?" 
"You're fixing everything I set down." He nods at my hands, which are readjusting the elephant. "It wasn't polite of me to come in and start touching your things." 
"Oh, it's okay," I say quickly, letting go of the figurine. "You can touch anything of mine you want." 
He freezes. A funny look runs across his face before I realize what I've said. I didn't mean it like that. Not that that would be so bad.”  

“We are kissing like crazy. Like our lives depend on it. His tongue slips inside my mouth, gentle but demanding, and it’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced, and I suddenly understand why people describe kissing as melting because every square inch of my body dissolves into his. My fingers grip his hair, pulling him closer. My veins throb and my heart explodes. I have never wanted anyone like this before. Ever. 
He pushes me backward and we’re lying down, making out in front of the children with their red balloons and the old men with their chess sets and the tourists with their laminated maps and I don’t care, I don’t care about any of that. 
All I want is Étienne. 
The weight of his body on top of mine is extraordinary. I feel him—all of him—pressed against me, and I inhale his shaving cream, his shampoo, and that extra scent that’s just . . . him. The most delicious smell I could ever imagine. I want to breathe him, lick him, eat him, drink him. His lips taste like honey. His face has the slightest bit of stubble and it rubs my skin but I don’t care, I don’t care at all. He feels wonderful. His hands are everywhere, and it doesn’t matter that his mouth is already on top of mine, I want him closer closer closer.”  
“You say that I'm afraid of being alone, and it's true. I am. And I'm not proud of it. But you need to take a good look at yourself, Anna, because I am NOT the only one in this room who suffers this problem.”  

Wow, this felt amazing :P I just love Anna and the French Kiss ♥ I decided to use the picture that I saw in previous weeks on someones blog, because seriously? This is Éttiene in real. ;)
So, what do you think about my French-English-American boyfriend this week? :)


Ari (Reading After Midnight) said...

Oh, Etienne.. I want a guy like him for myself ;)) He is one of my very favorite fictional boyfriends ever!
Great pick! (I love those quotes, you make me want to re-read the book..again)

Happy midnight dreams!

Celine said...

That is AARON JOHNSON!!! (The pictures you're using for Etienne!) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..............he is my alltime favourite book boyfriend for contemporary YA books! Anna and the French Kiss is my alltime favourite YA contemporary book! PERFECT pick, Nea! Who wouldn't want a book boyfriend like him? ;)

The Autumn Review said...

I just got this book recently. Can't wait to read it!
my bb

Tabitha said...

Etienne is one of my favorite book guys... EVER! He is so adorable and is probably why Iove Anna and the French Kiss so much and the quotes you picked are amazing! (:

Christy @ TheReaderBee said...

I love Étienne. That is all. :)

Great pick!

Jennifer said...

Etienne! Fabulous choice! That model is absolutely perfect...I think I shall dream about him now. Great quotes for a great book boyfriend.

Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

Mag @ Geek Chic said...

I LOVE Etienne sooo much!! And I love those pictures you used. PERFECT.

Lis said...

Oh Etienne!!! I love love love him!!!!

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Nea!!! *huggles your face* I haven't read this book yet, I know, I suck, so thank you so much for all those quotes. I love that melty kissy moment. Oh, and that book cover is so much better than the U.S. version, which is probably the reason why I haven't read the book yet.

A. Knight said...

You don't have to convince me that Etienne is boyfriend material. Anyone who's been too reluctant to read Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door is SERIOUSLY missing out. :)


Joie said...

Oh my goodness, I have been in love with Etienne since I first started Anna and the French Kiss! Great choice!

Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

St. Clair was a charmer! I was so happy those two crazy kids finally got together. They were driving me nuts! I liked them together even more in Lola and I also think I loved Cricket even more. :-)

Sarah (saz101) said...

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Who is the actor? He's the PERFECT Etienne!

Amy said...

Oh wow, I LOVE your pick! St. Clair is the best, and those quotes really make him shine. Great picks too - thank you for sharing! :)

Here's mine:

Sam said...

I feel like I should run and hide after this confession: I have never met Etienne before.

I know, I know! Why haven't I read this book already?! It seems like everyone but me has had the pleasure of meeting Etienne. But I can't wait to read more about him when I DO actually pick up the book. :D

Mimi Valentine said...

OH MY GOSH. Who is that beautiful actor and why do I not know him and how is he so perfect for playing Etienne??? I'm usually so picky with who I choose to represent book boys that I love (and Etienne St. Clair is definitely near the top!) but this boy is PERFECTION! <3 x)

Amazing amazing pick for your book boyfriend this week, Nea!! Now I want to re-read this book all over again LOL! ;)

The Lovely Getaway said...

OMG! you will have to fight me for St. Claire! I LOVE HIM!!... & he was mine first ;)jk!


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