April 07, 2012

Blogspiration #9

Blogspiration is a Brand Spankin' New weekly meme hosted by both GrowingUp YA and Saz101. The meme was created to help spark inspiration among bloggers, readers and writers alike. An inspirational quote/picture/video is posted weekly, on the day of the author's choosing, so that it may inspire creativity, conversation, and just a little SOMETHING.

Okay, so for this week's post I decided to post one of the most amazingly beautiful quotes I've ever heard of.

I felt exactly this way when I finished the Vampire Academy series. Rose Hathaway seriously is one of the best friends you could ever have. 

What's your blogspiration this week? :)


Sarah (saz101) said...

Oh, good was, yes. I know this feeling all too well. Anna and the French Kiss, Saving June, The Graveyard Book, VA, and Harry Pitter just to name a few... It's... Yes. LOVE this quote, Nea xx

Kristin Feliz said...

*sniff* I miss Rose!! *sobs* When does The Golden Lily come out??? GAH! NOT SOON ENOUGH, NEA! NOT SOON ENOUGH!


Rachel @ Unforgettable Books said...

:) I can't WAIT ANY LONGER, i am really excited for the Golden Lily! I love this quote. I felt so sad once i finished my favorite series like Harry potter and cirque du freak, VA.

Anonymous said...

I so agree! My mum is used to me coming running out of my room, squealing about something a character just did, and running back to keep reading. I always talk about them as though they were real. Damn, I wish they were! *daydreams*

Anonymous said...

Nea, I totally know what you mean with the quote. When I finished The Book Thief recently, I couldn't deal with it. I was a sobbing mess. I couldn't read a book for days afterward since I had to absorb everything. But it was great. I just felt so... bereft, you know?

Anyway, are you reading the spin-off series of Vampire Academy? I think it's called Bloodlines, with Sydney as the protagonist. I haven't read the first book yet and the second book should be coming out soon, but I think I will soon!

Have a great week ahead!

nea barabea said...

Kathe I did read Bloodlines, but there isn't much of Rose inside :/ It's not her story to be told anymore :( <3

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