April 23, 2012

Funny moments in life

I'm pretty sure my friend isn't checking this.. and since his birthday is tomorrow, doesn't really count. So, me and my friend Božo decided to buy our friend a book for his birthday. The fact that I read more books, Božo decided I should pick which book to buy for present. I decided, because he is a guy, to buy The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I loved this book! And it's not a girly book, so the decision was made. 

But, I order all my books to my home address. And due to the fact that I wasn't home since the middle of March.. well, we needed the book to come here, where I study. So my mum sent it to me. She sent it on Friday, so I guessed today the book would come. 

And here comes the funny part.

I live in a student hostel, and all the post arrives in the mail office. The main office is surrounded by glass, so you can see inside perfectly. I was walking normaly to the office. And then I spotted a package and I started running. There were 3 people outside the office and the directior of the student hostel inside the office. I reached the door and tried to open it. I was pulling it at the wrong way. People were staring. And when I finally managed to open it I got in and grabbed the package and looked at it, and when I saw my name on it, I hugged the book so hard. A smile, big like the world, spread on my face and I started jumping in the middle of the office. People were still staring. lol. And then I acknowledged all the people and I was like "huh". And then the director asked me "what's inside?" and I was like "A book" with a smile on my face that people would think I won on the lottery. Ah. And then I said thank you and went outside. The people outside the office were looking at me. So I looked at them and that awkward moment was there. I said "Well, have a good day." And they brusted out laughing like crazy. I managed a smile, and fled. 

It was fun. And nonetheless it's actually a present for my friend, I needed to make a picture with this amazing book <3 (read: lots of pictures :P)
Photobucket Photobucket
Should be a little embarrassing really, but atcually it's not :P We are all a bit bookish, right? :) I mean, look at this genuine smile :D

Ah, I love this book so so much. If you haven't read it yet, I seriously dare you to do it soon. This book is beautiful. You can read my review here.

Ok, it was nice to share my awkward/embarrassing moment with you! Now, I'm gonna go :P


Mimi Valentine said...

Oh Nea, I HEART YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER! And I will keep telling you that every time I visit your awesome blog and every time read your awesome emails. Because you are honest-to-goodness AWESOMENESS! <3 :')

Hahahahahahaa your sweet/funny/totally-relatable moment made me laugh out loud! Isn't getting books in the mail the greatest??? x) I love how you did the happy-squeal for the book even though it wasn't even for you -- and speaking of it, I think that your friend is going to LOVE The Fault in Our Stars! I haven't read it yet (your excitement for it is reminding me to though -- bad Mimi!), but your review is enough to convince me that it's amazing!

I love hearing about other people's excitement over books -- it always makes me feel better about getting excited about them myself! x)

P.S. Hehehe you're so cute! Smiling Nea face = day-making-worthy for sure! ;) <3

roro said...

what she said lol
how can u comment so mutch lol

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