April 21, 2012

Read-a-thon, Hour 5, Mini challenge: Book Sentense

Awww, hour 5 is already here!! And I am having an awesome time! :)

So the fifth mini challenge is to make a book sentense using the titles of books! I love this challenge! So here it is:
If you could see me now embrace paranormalcy on the road.

This was so much fun! And also, the weather here it's a bit crazy today, some time it's raining, some time it's so sunny. And here it's a picture of the rainbow, that I've made an hour ago :)
On page 279/498 of Intelligent Life

How's your read-a-thon going so far? :)


Jennifer @ A Librarians Library said...

Love it! Good sentence!

Georgia said...

Haha, I love your sentence! Happy reading :)

Janel said...

Nice sentence! I love the double rainbow outside as well. Happy Reading!

TG said...

Oh, that's fun! Although I've got so many books in my stack right now, I think it'd hurt my brain to think of something myself.

Laura said...

I love your sentence and the rainbow picture! This is my favorite mini challenge for sure. Slovenia is a place I'd love to visit - one of my good friends families is from Slovenia and they've visited a few times. It's on my Bucket List!

Good luck today, and happy reading!

Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

Excellent Sentence! I hope you had fun!

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Great sentence!

I also love your graphic of the readathon. Beautiful!

Leela said...

your sentence is really really funny, hahahahaha :)

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