May 10, 2012

Letter to my Future Self #1

Source: here.
Dear Nea,
In the past couple of days you've learn lots of things. Hopefully. Naaah, just kidding. So, the pinpoints/lessons that you need to remember:
#1 When you're drunk try not to scream and talk about things you don't want others to hear. You NEVER know who is walking behind you (and will probably hear you)!
#2 Make sure your professors know that Barabea isn't your middle name. Situations that can come out of it could be awkward. 
#3 Drinking 3 CubaLibre in a row in Fuego will get you very drunk. Remember that! Next time drink 2 and a half. :P
#4 It's important to do a closure with people from the past! Yeah I know, there is a reason why they didn't make it to your present, but still, make a closure, if you haven't done it in the past.
#5 Post it sticks really are good for studying ;)
#6 Read all the future books of Jennifer L. Armentrout! Because seriously, this woman is totally awesome!
#7 Never, ever apologize for who and what you are.
#8 Try to give yourself more credits. You are worth it.

I will try to keep in mind all these things. Bad habbits die hard. But then again we aren't powerless against them. It takes 6 weeks to the smallest changes in your personality to settle down. Start working on them today. You're braver than you think. Be a Dauntless, face your fears and fight for what you want to become!



Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

I must read some Jennifer L. Armentrout!
My fav is
#7 Never, ever apologize for who and what you are.

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

Haha! I love this feature. Very good tips, especially the one about stopping after 2&1/2 drinks.

Yes, I agree. Closure is good, and you are so worth it!

Sam said...

Number 6 is a universal rule! ;) I agree with that one wholeheartedly.

Mimi Valentine said...

Oh Nea, you are TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS! You always find the most creative things to post about, and writing this letter you your future self was honestly the sweetest thing ever! Number seven put a wistful smile on my face; number five is SO true; and number 6 should be THE rule of the world -- I don't think Jennifer L. Armentrout has ever written a bad book in her life and I don't think that will ever change either! Unless, you know, she kills Daemon or Aiden or something LOL.. x)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your post, Nea-sweetie!! I love you like crazy and I hope you never stop blogging and I want you to know that I'm seriously ecstatic to be a part of Team No Shirt! :') <33

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