May 14, 2012

Today Is the Best Day of My Life

So, you probably know.. today was the day of my exam - Social and Cultural Antropology. And I was studying like crazy. And all in the flow of studying.. not that it helped, I failed anyway. Again. But today I don't care. So I was studying.
Then my phone rang. My friend is having another exam and she needed the literature and I was like "sure I can give it to you ;) In 10 minutes I will send it to your email". But I was so into patological narcisism that I got carried away. After 25 minutes I went to my email. And I nocided a mail. An important email. From the University of Edinburgh. Uh huh, ok. I opended it.
OMG. I was shocked. I actually needed 5 seconds to understand the email. And then..
And OMG, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! I started screaming. Like really screaming. I think ALL the Student Hostel heard me. And no, I am not exagerating. I was screaming THAT hard. And I couldn't stop. And then..
And then I started crying. Hard. And I was still screaming "OMG OMG". I was really into shock. Totally. And then I realised that I wasn't dreaming, that this was real. So fucking real. I started to regain some little sense (very little).. And I got..
OMG. I picked up the phone and called my sister. And damn, she didn't responded. So I called my friend Brina. And when she picked up.. I started screaming again. I GOT ACCEPTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH!! OMG OMG OMG OMG!! (I still can't believe it, though :P) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! OMG OMG!! And we were screaming together with my friend. OMG. Still. Can't. Believe. It. Oh. My. God.

I. Got. Accepted. For. The. Master. Of. Psychology. Of. Idividual. Differences. Oh. My. God.

Fuck. I think after 7 hours.. I am still shocked, even if psychologically isn't possible anymore. GOD! I am so so happy, that simply there are no words for it. Yes, I failed my exam. But I got in, into one of the best Universities of the world. I will pass the exam in June. No kidding anymore.

Yes, I got accepted conditionally - I need my English exam and I need to graduate - but hell, I knew these things all along. But honestly? I never believed I will make it. I was thinking I was doing something, so in live I could at least say I tried. But holy cow, I got in. 

So now. Antropology. The degree to write. The practical thing. And the IELTS English exam. 
And my dreams are coming true.


Sophie said...

That's AMAZING! Congratulations! I have literally been following your blog, for like... a month now? And yet I am so excited for you! Aha, and I love the little anime pictures.
Oh man, again, congratu-freakin'-lations!

Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

CONGRATS!!! I would love to get my masters! I have a bachelors in psychology but I'd really like to go back to school.

Julie said...

Congrats! That sounds amazing. (failing aside) Plus, I love you use of GIFs to illustrate such an important moment for you.

Carina Olsen said...

YAY! So happy for you sweetie. <3 well done ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Nea ! :)
I was going to apply to the U of Edinburgh for my Bachelor's then decided against it since I wanted to go to the States. Too bad, we would have met if I had gone there ! :)
Anyways, I'm really happy for you ! :)

I was exactly like you when I got my college acceptance letters :)
The feeling is so awesome :)

Now, go study :P

Mimi Valentine said...

OH MY GOSH, NEAAA!!! As I was saying in my email to you, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!! I just knew you were going to get in because no one I know is as passionate about anthropology as you are, and you can imagine me holding your hands and dancing up and down with you in excitement! I remember you were so worried about it before, but as it turns out, you have NOTHING to worry about! <3

And the amazing Sailor Moon pictures really spread your excitement even more! x)

Congratulations, awesome & sweet & funny & totally adorable Nea! ILY, and I am so happy for you because YOU ABSOLUTELY DESERVE IT! <3333 :')

Rebecca (Kindle Fever) said...

Oh my gossssssssh, that's so freaking awesome!! YAY :DDD I'm so happy for you. :D GO, GO, GO *throws confetti and brings cake*

Hilda K said...

OHMYGOSH!!! I can't believe that I'm soooo late in getting the news! CONGRTULATIAN, Nea dear! It's AMAZING that you get accepted in one of the best university in the world! You're BRILLIANT and I know that you'll do amazing in the university later! <333

Again, congrattttsss! :) *hugggsssss*

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