June 07, 2012

Armchair BEA Beyond The Blog

Desing by Nina @ Nina Reads.
So, today's topic is Beyond your blog.

Well, well, beyond my blog is just.. lots of work. And no money from it :P Reading some post, I have some mixed feelings about this. I mean, in a way I think why would people pay me for my blog? On the other way I think, hell, I work at least a minimum of 2 hours a day on my blog, and sometimes it feels like work - work that I love doing! Would be cool to be paid for it :)

Ads and stuff like that. Well, I am a Book Depository affilate. It doesn't bring me any money, though. But I like being an affilate, because I can jump directly from my blog to the site of Book Depository. :)

The Google ads and some other ads.. I see the around and I think, good god, they are so ugly!! Couldn't people who make them, I dunno, do them more pretty?! That's why I've never even considered having them on my blog.

Well, the reason I decided to have a blog was initially to share my reports from my University. I thought it was a waste, that I worked so hard for them, and then it was just me and the professors who actually read them. And I also wanted to have some different opinions about various reports, and I dunno, share the experiences or stuff like that, from other students of Psychology. Or at least a "thank you", because I am the only student of psychology in Slovenia who actually share her reports online. I wrote that in the end of every post. My reports have been posted since a year now.

Do you how many people actually made a comment sharing their opinion or a simple thank you? ONE. It happened a month ago. I was in shock!! Wow. Really. There are still some moral and fair people in my country. - Becuase THIS is what I wanted for my "payment" - just someone thanking me for my help, because I damn well remember while I was making those reports. It was awful and complicated and annying and oh. Sometimes I think I should just close down all of them, but then I remember why I share them in the first place and I stop thinking about it. What it annoys me the most is, does these stupid psychology students from my country, not know how easily is to check statistics?! It's like they think I don't know how much time they spend on my blog. Or who, for the matter.

So yeah, my blog really doesn't gain any money. Thank god for the book bloggers community, which is the most supportive and awesome community ever! Thank you for all the comments, for all the sweet words that always cheer me up, and for the amazing support you show me every day! This is all the payment I've ever really wished for ;) You guys are awesome <3

So, any good tips for how to make a little money with your favourite pass time? :P ;) I hope you're enjoying aBEA! :) I know I am, because it's freaking awesome! See you at the Twitter party tonight!! :)


Marie Burton said...

Hi Nea!! I totally relate to the "no thank you?!" part!
Sometimes I feel I post reviews and no one in the whole wide world really give a d*mn... but then I look at my stats and yes someone did look at the blog today. They just don't comment.
Gotta put it in perspective, I guess.

And as far as offering tidbits on getting paid, it doesn't seem like this is the biz to be in if we want dollars.
This is a hobby and will probably always be seen as such.

I am going to try and attend the twitter party today, but it's going to be iffy schedule.

Marie Burton said...

Psst.. forgot to post today's link up
Day 3

Liviania said...

I do wish the AdSense ads were prettier.

Jenna said...

Nea- thanks for visiting my blog & the kind words about my photography!

I'd love to earn money doing what I love (reading, blogging, photographing)
Totally agree about the adsense- hideous!

Hope you're enjoying aBea too!

Kailia Sage said...

I think most bloggers have the "no thank you" day; I know I have but it's always good to be positive!


Julie@My5monkeys said...

No idea on making money but this community is amazing. I love when I get emails out of the blue.

elena said...

YES! I love the blogger's community! They are so loving, supportive, and generous. :D

Rachel @ Unforgettable Books said...

Thank you Nea and the whole blogging community for the comments that make me smile ever day!

Amanda @ Letters Inside Out said...

The blogging community is so great!

For affiliates - I only use Amazon. Like you said, it's easier for me to use. I can easily drag the cover in or the link from the plug-in. That's really the ONLY reason I use it. Although, after having it for 4 years now (for different things) I finally earned enough to redeem a $10 GC last month!

Melanie said...

Comments are the best, I agree! And the book blogging community is one of the most supportive blogging communities I've found.

Rebecca (Kindle Fever) said...

Aww, you're SO right!! There's no better payment than the one of knowing people read your blog. It has to be the most amazing feeling ever! It's what makes it worth it all. :D

sarabara081 @ Forever 17 Books said...

LOL That is one of the reasons I don't think I would have any google ads on my blog because I hate how ugly they are too. :)

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