June 09, 2012

Armchair BEA Wrap-Up

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Oh, Armchair BEA awesome event is over. A little sad about it!

This event was absolutely amazing. I had an awesome time :) First day with the introduction post was beyond awesome. I've met so many great book bloggers and it felt good. It was also great, because it has gave us a chance to know other bloggers better, as in, not only which books they like more and which less, but also their life expericences, their hobbies and fun stuff like that :)

I've also learned a lot while this event about blogging :) I've read some great tips and I had a chance to ask, things I wanted to ask since, well, forever :P So thank you to all of you for helping me fogure things out :) I really appreciate it! <3

And, OMG, the twitter parties? Beyond awesome. I overslept the first one, but the other two were amazing  :) 2 hours passed in a blink of an eye. It was incredible! They were my first twitter parties ever and OMG I didn't know it was such a party! :D Looking forward to other parties like that!

Armchair BEA was a great experience and I'm looking forward participating next year as well! I've won 2 prizes :) One at the twitter party and one in the last day of the event! So, thank you so much! And a big thank you to the people behind Armchair BEA event, you guys are completely and uterly awesome! :) 

Have you enjoyed ArmchairBEA? Will I see you next year? :)


Nikki H said...

I did all the blog posts, but during the twitter parties I was always at work :( Glad you had fun though! I had a good time as well!

smiling_ina said...

So happy to see we all seemed to have had a blast! I can't wait to participate again next year!!! :D

Silverlight said...

Yay, for the wins!! I won two times too! Hopefully we will get our stash soon!

I too, had a great week, but oh my gosh how time flew!!! Your right about the twitter parties, I mean really 2 hrs were over like in a snap!! We met soo many different, cool ppl. and I loved it.

xoxo! Nea I'm in nxt yr. that's for sure!!!

Beckie said...

Hiya hun xxx
Hey congrats on winning the prizes, i must be passing my winning luck onto ppl who talk to me cos Jenna won a prize too hehe. Let me know what you win when you find out :)
It has being a great week, over way way too fast :( i wish it would have being a better ween for me, but just wasn't an ideal week for it t be a productive armchairBEA and to get everything done that i planned.
I am so jealous that you managed to attend the twitter parties and i didn't, but there's always next yr hehe. See you there....could u be there in england by then? xx

nea barabea said...

Hopefully I will be in UK during the next ArmchairBEA Beckie!! :) Hope my exam's will go great next week! And then.. England here I come :D

manda-rae said...

I really picked the wrong week to go mia in the blogosphere. And now I'm going to have to look into ArmchairBEA. Sounds interesting. Glad you enjoyed it!

Alba said...

SO GLAD!!!!!!!
I'm so happy reading the few wrap up posts that the participating blogs wrote!!
I had been on twitter parties before but never on one where you could interact with so many book lovers and talk just about anything you'd want!
I ended up on twitjail as I thought I would but WOW!!!!

Happy to have found so many many blogs!!!!
Looking forward to the following and stalking now! Hope more join next year!!


Jennifer A said...

The twitter party was so fun! It's my favorite part too.

Yay for 2 prizes! I won once. I'm excited to get my book! :)

vikk simmons said...

It was a great week, wasn't it? I wasn't able to participate in the Twitter parties as I'd hoped but hopping around to all the blogs and meeting everyone has been terrific.

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