June 03, 2012

Book Haul (4)

I will no longer be participating in In My Mailbox meme, but instead I'll be doing Book Haul, inspired by Katie’s Book Blog. Feel free to share your own link in the comments if you still do IMM or any other meme in this section. I love seeing which books you've got this week :)

Hello guys!! How are you? :)
I had a splendid weekend back home. A very good friend of mine was celebrating her birthday and we had 2 days of partying :) It was cool!

OMG finally NetGalley approved my request for:
Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Holy cow, I can't even explain how happy I am!! I've been wishing for so long for this book! I've found out about it on My Book Boyfriend meme and OMG let me tell you, this book is HOT. Hence, you can see why all this excitement is about :P  I am so eager to start reading it!

What awesome books have you got this week? :)


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, Nea!! I got this off of Netgalley too and it looks so HOT! I love that cover. Can't wait to read it! :)

Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

I'm really excited about this one! I've heard it's a very hot read!

Ange said...

YAY!!!! I got this one a week ago and have already finished it. It was awesome!!! I loved it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did =)

Amy said...

I want to read it, but have so many other books to read so I have forced myself to not request it. I am getting tempted though.

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