August 17, 2012

JLA Read-A-Thon Opening Post

Hell yeah! Awww, I am so excited!! :) :) When I've first heard about this Read-a-thon 2 months ago or so I was so completely "YEES! I'll be there" ;) So really, thank you Valerie @ Stuck in books for this awesome event that I am really honoured to participate! :)

My plan?
Uh huh, ok. I've read all the books that came out until now. (CAN'T wait to read Deity <3 <3)
So I decided that I will re-read some (read - LOTS) of the most amazing, beautiful, crazy, hilarious moments in Onyx. I still need to write a review about it, so I think this is a great idea ;) 
And then I'm gonna re-read some of the best parts of Pure. Pure, OMG I love this book so much <3 <3 

Now, you would want to know why on earth not read the entire both books, right? Well, yes, I am free from work for the next 2 days and I will need to be at work on Sunday at 5PM which leaves me a LOT of time, but.. I am a slow reader :P and I love to enjoy my reading and not just scanning the pages, so I'm gonna take my time :) 

Can't wait for the Twitter party and the awesome challenges and the Live chat with Jennifer!! This event will be so fucking great I can't explain how exited I am right now!! :) :)
Over-excitement and such :P
So, are participating too? Which books will you read?? Which one (haha only one, yeah right) is your favourite?? :) Happy reading ;)


Liviania said...

I still haven't read any JLA.

Valerie StuckInBooks said...

Pure was a hard book for me - too much Seth. I'm so Team Aiden. But it was still fabulous. And Onyx! OMG - best book I've read this year!!!


Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

I just read Obsidian yesterday and plan to read Shadows now!!!

Sam said...

Hope you have fun with this! I would love to participate if I had more time. JLA's books are always fun to read. :)

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