September 18, 2012

Right book for the right mood

I've been thinking.. I read Divergent in December and I've been dying to read Insurgent. I couldn't wait for May to come so I could hold Insurgent in my hands and sob and laugh and scream "OMG I've Insurgent in my hands!" - like I did when I hold The Fault In Our Stars. It was quite hilarious. You can laugh about it here.

But lets back to the point. I got Insurgent in May and it was sitting on my shelf till last week. Sad I know. Also, I was really excited about Under the Never Sky and Article 5 and all other dystopian novels, but I haven't got around them, till now.

What I want to say is.. I think I need to be in the right mood to read a Dystopian book. Romance I can read the whole time. Paranormal and Contemporary I can read too, most of the time. But Dystopian I just can't. I kind of need to prepare myself for all the destruction I will face while reading the book. 

In the last couple of months I've been under a lot of stress. Two jobs, University, the Thesis to write down.. and last week I saw Insurgent on my shelf and I was like "YES! I'm in the perfect mood for Dystopian!" I've picked it up. 

I finished it in two days. It was amazing. And I felt a lot better after reading it. I think it's the effect of - you know - when your world is falling down and you don't know what to do and how to stop it, it's perfect to have a book with characters which are faced with a lot more destruction and problems and death and they still fight no matter what. They make you want to do more, to do better and to fight back. And I love it. 

So, I'm absolutely positive that this month it's a Dystopian month for me. I'm gonna read all the Dystopian books that I haven't come around yet to read. And really, I feel less stressed about life. I feel good.

SO, I wanted to ask you.. Do you have any awesome, amazing, great Dystopian book to recommend me? I've read the Hunger Games, Divergent, Article 5 and now I'm reading Under the Never Sky. I need some strong female characters who will make me want to fight more :)

And also, do you also pick books based on your mood? For the sake of your soul? I would love to know :)


Liviania said...

I definitely have to be in the mood for some books. But I'm not a big dystopian fan. (The upcoming Crewel is good.)

Rachel @ Unforgettable Books said...

:) I always read books based on my mood. light contemporary when i am stressed, and excited paranormal books when i am bored. :) Delirium by Lauren Oliver is a decent dystopian book and 1984 is amazing! ( thought it doesn't have a female lead)

Cayce said...

Great post!
If you want to read something truly amazing with a strong female character and a yummy fallen angel I'd recommend Angelfall. It's more post-apocalyptic than dystopian, but it's A-mazing!!
And a dystopian one I liked: Slated by Teri Terry

Faye (Daydreaming_Star) said...

I definitely have to be in the right mood for certain books but I think I'm the opposite of you. For me it's romance and contemporary that I have to be in the right mood for whereas I can dystopian and fantasies all over the place.

Suggested dystopians;
Cinder (though this is slightly sci-fi too but overtly amazing)
The Immortal Rules (truly magnificent!)

I can't think of any more right now with female protagonists but I'll have a think! :D

Anonymous said...

I just finished Twilight Saint by Jessica Penot. It was really good. Although I kept wanting to put them into caveman times because their future was literally that different than our present! It's really easy to read and with all you have going on, you may like this!! :D

And yes, I have to be in the mood for certain books. Although I always love horror and dystopian! :D

Monica Fumarolo said...

I know exactly what you mean about needing to be in the right mood for a book! There are more than a few things on my bookshelf where the timing just hasn't felt right yet, but that doesn't mean I don't want to read them at some point.

As for a dystopian for a girl who likes romance, I'd say Delirium by Lauren Oliver is a great series for you. Not exactly the most kick-ass, get-your-fight-on book, but it's an amazing premise that gets more gritty in the second book.

Great post!

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