February 05, 2013

Top Ten Best Bookish Memories

It's Top 10 Tuesday (hosted at The Broke and the Bookish) and the topic freeby. So I picked up this:
Top 10 Best Bookish Memories
1. Reading Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead and having my first bookish melt down at the end of the book. I couldn't stop crying and feeling anxious for the next 2 days until I got my hands on Blood Promise.

2. My First Read-a-thon in October 2011. That event was so completely amazing! I've met so many awesome bloggers and it was an incredible experience :) I participate everytime since.

3. Joining Goodreads. Bookish life is so much easier with Goodreads :)

4. Reading the Mortal Instruments and meeting Jace <3 

5. Getting to know all the amazing bloggers that became my friends all though we live far apart from each other. I still think of you as friends and I am very grateful for meeting you :) 

6. Participating in #ArmchairBEA in June 2012. This event was so freaking awesome!! I've met amazing bloggers and had tons of fun on twitter parties :) 

7. Discovering My Book Boyfriend meme. OMG, that was one of the best discovery in my bookish life. 

8. Finishing reading Clockwork Prince (without sleep and food) at 11am in the morning with my jaw on the floor, my eyes all red from crying and on top of it, with a broken heart.

9. Discovering that Historical Romance is sexy as hell ;)

10. When I got my Kindle back in July 2012. My new best friend Lily. I carry her around everywhere I go and I never feel alone. 
Wow, this was fun. I am a nostalgic person and I carry around all my precious memories and when random stimuli make my memories to surface - it feels amazing. Like I am back in that precise moment. And there is nothing more beautiful <3

Let me know about your special bookish moments and memories :)


Jessica (Peace Love Books) said...

Hahahah I can't even remember my first bookish meltdown...I've had so many! Joining Goodreads is on my list too! And who could forget the moment they met Jace?? Great list :)

Here's my Top Ten!

Tanja - Tanychy said...

Ooo you couldn't be more right! I still remember the breakdown after reading Shadow Kissed! Oh my...I'll cry again! Uh..the Goodreads is an amazing place and every time talking to you is a pleasure ;) Thanks for stopping by :)

Hollie said...

Goodreads is an amazing website, I can't imagine not being a part of it now! My first bookish meltdown probably happened when I finished reading City of Bones - that ending nearly destroyed me!!


Sam said...

My kindle is my best friend too, and Goodreads is a place I couldn't live without now! I'm so glad I joined when I did - I doubt I'd even be blogging now if it wasn't for Goodreads. Number 5, of course, is one of the best things about this. It still amazes me that I can call people from all over the world true friends. :)

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