March 24, 2013

My cica, my love.

Today I want to tell you a story. 

I was home alone. My parents went for holidays. I was sitting home with nothing to do and decided to go for a drink. I was driving so I decided to just go for a Red Orangina before go to sleep. I sat in my car and went. I was 100 meters from home when I saw something. I stopped and went out of the car. 
And I saw her. A back snow flake. She was so beautiful. And I called her "Muriii". And she "said" miauuuu. I couldn't believe it. A cat. A black cat. It's all I've been dreaming for the past 10 years. 
My dad didn't want any more animals. We aren't really a dog type of family. But we did have cats. Well, one, black, when I was 5. His name was Muri. He died. Then we had another one, black, his name was Muri as well. He died as well. And after that my dad decided we won't have any cats ever again. 
And all I wanted was a cat. For years. Every Christmas I asked for a cat. Every birthday I asked for a cat. No, no and no was always the answer. 
And then the Universe sent me her. She was so, so beautiful. And my parents were on holidays. I looked at her and thought "well, they will be gone for 3 weeks - you will feel like home in 3 weeks time - which means - you'll never leave and my dad will need to get over it". 
But, I didn't take her home straight away. I played with her for a while and then I said to her "if you wait for me, you'll be mine forever". And I went for that drink. I was so nervous and I felt so stupid. But I had faith. When I came back I couldn't find her anymore. God, I was so sad. And angry at myself. I started calling her. And in the middle of that dark evening after a while she responded with a "miauuu" and I looked at my black snow flake and said "Come here. I'll take you home." And she did. 
And I took her home. 
The next day I actually woke up one hour and a half before work, just so I could buy her food. I was so happy. 
She was exactly what I wanted. She was perfect. And even now, after 4 years and a half, and thousands of  kilometers away from each others she still means the world to me. Because she happened to pop up in my life the very moment I needed her the most. And I will be grateful forever for that. 
Muri, my cica, I miss you so much. 


Tanja - Tanychy said...

Awww how cute! <3 I'm more dog-type of a person but I don't mind cats. :) She'll be waiting for you ;)

Cayce said...

Haha, I'm more of a dog person too (we have two dogs), but LOVED the story of how Muri and you met.

Lauren's Loquacious Lit said...

What a wonderful story Nea! I would be devastated to be leaving my Charlie behind, but I'm sure you'll have a fabulous reunion the next time you see her :)

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