October 31, 2015

Højskolen Cronicles #3

Excitement, excitement! Brussels here we come!

The 4-months course includes this amazing Study Trip! And we went to Brussels, and Amsterdam for 9 days! Best Study Trip I have ever been! Here is a recap of Brussels. :)

We started the Brussels trip with, ofcourse, a city tour! We had a great Irish tour guy, and it was quite dynamic. He showed us every corner in Brussels that we needed to know, he told us about the history of the city, and thought us how NOT to get lost. It was a great tour.

October 06, 2015

Højskolen Cronicles #2

Today I want to talk about the language barrier. And respect of others.

First I would like to specify that I speak fluently 3 languages. I am re-learning (or improving, depending how you look at it - I think I pretty much suck at it) German, and I have finally picked up French and I started a beginner course. I wanted to learn French for so long, 4 years I think. But back home I didn't where to start, and in Edinburgh well, I didn't really have time to pick up a language course on top of my job and academic pursuits. So, here I am, finally making my dream come true and learning French. 

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